Women's Bible Study

My soul clings to the dust;

give me life according to

your word!

Psalm 119:25

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Current Study

Jan 26 - May 5,   2021

The Chariots and  Horsemen of Israel:
A Study of Elisha's Ministry in 2 Kings

Internal politics,

international menace,

the ever-present reality of

death, disease, and debt 

rock  the security of

God's people.

But there is more to this world than meets the eye.  There is a man who speaks for the true and living God.  This God is present and involved, not only in matters of state and national importance, but also in the personal needs of common people. 


Elijah, the great prophet of Israel, has been carried to Heaven in a chariot of fire,

but God is still present with His people.  The Holy Spirit, who had empowered Elijah, now rests upon his successor, Elisha.  He will bless and curse and perform amazing miracles on the order of those done by Elijah.  He will oversee the seminaries of prophets and admonish Israel’s kings.  He will heal and prophesy to foreign dignitaries, reveal the secret plots of Israel’s enemies, open the eyes of the blind and blind the eyes of those who can see, even raise the dead; and the fame of Israel’s God will spread to the nations.

This is more than a cool Bible Story; it is history.  It provides a window into the unseen world, shows us the power of God; and like everything else in Scripture, it points us to Jesus.  

Come study with us!



We believe that women need Jesus. Our lives are not about our social or financial status, our clothes, our appearance, our jobs, our homes, our righteousness or our perfection. Only Jesus saves. Only Jesus satisfies. Our purpose is to nurture women in their relationship with Jesus.

We believe that women need the Word of God. We need truth, encouragement, hope and support as we face the many challenges of life as singles, wives, mothers, grandmothers, sisters, daughters, neighbors, employers, employees, and friends. The Word of God is relevant in every stage and circumstance of our lives. It equips us to live our lives well and to minister the grace of God in a broken world. Our purpose is to study the Scripture and apply its truth and power to our lives.


We believe that women need other women. We need sisters and friends to walk with us in life. We need to share our struggles, our sorrows and our joys. We need the wisdom and counsel of older women who have been there. We need the support of Christian friends whose faith is real, who will listen, encourage, and pray for us. We need to belong, and we believe that each woman has something to contribute to our group. Our purpose is to nurture friendships among Christian women.

We believe that women need the church and the church needs women. As we minister to women and build them up in faith and friendship, we are strengthening not only individuals but also their families and the church. Our purpose is to equip and inspire women to live and minister well in their homes, in the church, and in the world.



Tuesday Morning


WHEN:   Tuesday mornings 9:30-11:30  

Where:  in the sanctuary building

CHILD CARE:  We provide free childcare for infants through preschool. A snack is provided for the children.

WHAT WE DO:  We meet together as a large group for Bible teaching, singing and prayer; then divide into small groups for discussion and more specific prayer.  There is usually a minimal amount of homework to do in preparation for each week’s lesson and discussion.

What to Bring:  Your Bible, whatever translation you normally use.  If you don't have a Bible yet, we will be happy to provide one for you.  

WHO CAN COME:  Women of all ages.  Friends are always welcome. 


Wednesday evening


WHEN:  Wednesday evenings 7:00-8:30

Where:  In the church Library (old building)

CHILD CARE:  NOT provided for the evening study

WHAT WE DO:  We watch the video of Tuesday's lesson, discuss the study questions and lesson, and pray for one another.  

What to Bring:  Your Bible, whatever translation you normally use.  If you don't have a Bible yet, we will be happy to provide one for you.  

WHO CAN COME:  Women of all ages.  Friends are always welcome. 

live stream

If you can't join us in person, join us online for teaching on Tuesday mornings at 9:50. 

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Our Women  

This is a safe, welcoming group of women. You will experience serious, in-depth teaching, intimate small group fellowship and personal prayer. 

Many women from outside the church are faithful members of our Bible Study.  Come and make new friends who will support and encourage you in

the faith.



Tuesday Morning and Livestream Group

Taylor Dunham


Wednesday Evening Group

Kris Finlay

(706) 294-2972


Study Schedule

For Tuesday Mornings. Wednesday Evenings will be

one day later than this schedule reads.

the chariots and horsemen of Israel:

The Ministry of Elisha in 2 Kings


DATE         LESSON     


Jan 26 -  #1 -Elisha Blesses Water and Curses the Boys(2:19-25)


Feb 2   -  #2 -Miracle of Water and Mirage of Blood (3:1-27)


Feb 9   -  #3 -Widow’s Sons (4:1-7) & Borrowed Axe Head (6:1-7)


Feb 16  - #4 -Patroness of the Prophet (4:8-37)


Feb 23  - #5 -Elisha Saves the Stew (4:38-42)


Mar 2   -#6 -Naaman Healed of Leprosy & Converted (5:1-19)


Mar 9   -#7 -Gehazi’s Greed & Punishment (5:19b-27)


Mar 16 -#8 -Unseen Army: Chariots of Fire (6:8-23)


Mar 23 -#9-The Siege of Samaria (6:24-33)


Mar 30 -#10 -Miraculous Deliverance  (7:1-20)


Apr 6   -   No Bible Study        -            Spring Break                           


Apr 13  -#11 - Sovereign Serendipity: Land Restored (8:1-6)


Apr 20  -#12 - Prophet's Tears: Prophecy Re: Hazael (8:7-15)


Apr 27  -#13  -  Jehu Brings Judgment (9:1-10:36)


May 4  -#14  -  Elisha’s Death and Posthumous Miracle (13:14-25)

Summer Break.

We will return in September.