September 3 - November 12, 2019

Tuesday Mornings 

9:30 - 11:30

If ever there were a book that

begs  to be banned from the libraries of churches and schools due to inappropriate content,

it's The Bible! 

Its stories include depictions of slavery, prostitution, violence, incest, rape, murder, racism, chauvinism, injustice, religious hypocrisy, and all sorts of emotional, marital and family dysfunctions.  This is history, sisters, and this is Holy Scripture.  It is also timeless and it is personal.  These aren't just ancient Bible Stories; they are our stories.

All of us are broken, and some of us have been wounded in the same ways as these women of the Bible that we are going to be studying.

You are not alone in the church!  

We are not ashamed of you!

We love you and we are glad you are here with us!


If you have been broken, come read your story--our story--in the clarifying and healing light of Jesus, our Savior and our Champion. 

Our Women  

This is a safe, welcoming group of women. You will experience serious, in-depth teaching, intimate small group fellowship and personal prayer. Many women from outside the church are faithful members of our Bible Study.  Come and make new friends who will support and encourage you in the faith.

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Women's Bible Study



We believe that women need Jesus. Our lives are not about our social or financial status, our clothes, our appearance, our jobs, our homes, our righteousness or our perfection. Only Jesus saves. Only Jesus satisfies. Our purpose is to nurture women in their relationship with Jesus.

We believe that women need the Word of God. We need truth, encouragement, hope and support as we face the many challenges of life as singles, wives, mothers, grandmothers, sisters, daughters, neighbors, employees and friends. The Word of God is relevant in every stage and circumstance of our lives and equips us to live our lives well and to minister the grace of God in a broken world. Our purpose is to study the Scripture and apply its truth and power to our lives.


We believe that women need other women. We need sisters and friends to walk with us in life. We need to share our struggles, our sorrows and our joys. We need the wisdom and counsel of older women who have “been there.” We need the support of Christian friends whose faith is real, who will listen, encourage, and pray for us. We need to belong, and we believe that each woman has something to contribute to our group. Our purpose is to nurture friendships among Christian women.

We believe that women need the church and the church needs women. As we minister to women and build them up in faith and friendship, we are strengthening not only individuals but also their families and the church. Our purpose is to equip and inspire women to live and minister well in their homes, in the church and in the world.


WHEN:   Tuesday mornings 9:30-11:30

Where:  in the church fellowship hall.

CHILD CARE:  We provide free childcare on site, just down the hall, for infants and preschoolers. A snack is also provided for the children.

WHAT WE DO:  We meet together as a large group for Bible teaching, singing and prayer; then divide into small groups for discussion and more specific prayer.  There is usually a minimal amount of homework to do in preparation for each week’s lesson and discussion.

What to Bring:  Your Bible, Whatever translation you Normally use.  If you don't have a Bible yet, we will be happy to provide one for you.  

WHO:  Women of all ages.  Friends are always welcome. 


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Study Schedule

Fall 2019

But What About the Woman?

Old Testament Women Whose Broken Lives Point Us to Jesus

August 28 (Wednesday) – Leader Orientation


3    - #1 – Eve:  The Woman Who Ruined the World (Genesis 2:15-4:16)

10   - #2 – Hagar:  The Resentful Slave (Genesis 16 & 21:1-21)

17   - #3 – Leah:  The Ugly Sister and Unloved Wife (Genesis 29-30:21; 49:29-32)

24  - #4 – Rahab:  The God-Fearing Prostitute (Joshua 2, 6:15-25)


1    - #5 – Jephtha’s Daughter:  Sacrificed for Her Father’s Ambition (Judges 11)

8   - #6 – The Levite’s Concubine: The Woman Nobody Loved (Judges 19)

15 - #7 – Hannah:  Infertile and Unhappy (1 Samuel 1 - 2:11)

22 - #8 – Michal:  The Disillusioned Wife (1 Samuel 18 - 19, 25:42-44; 2 Samuel 3:12-16, 6:16-23)

29 - #9 – Dina and Tamar:  Broken and Abandoned Beauties (Genesis 30::21; 34; 46:15; 2 Samuel 13)


5    - #10 – Bathsheba:  Object of Lust and Neglect (2 Samuel 11&12; 1 Kings 1)

12 - #11 – Rizpah: Sacrificed for Social Justice (2 Samuel 3:7; 21:1-14)

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