On January 5, 1975, the first service was held in the original church building that we now use as Sunday School classrooms. Construction on a new sanctuary began in October 2003.  Worship in the new sanctuary began in December 2004. This contemporary new sanctuary had 46 beautiful stained glass windows installed that tell His story.  Beginning Feb 2, 2006, Pastor Larry Gilpin presented a series of morning messages to describe and illuminate the story behind each picture.  With a short break in December, he preached his final sermon on Feb 18, 2007, on window #46 "Jesus the Alpha and Omega".

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01 One God
Symbolizes the creative hand of God the Father Almighty, the “Maker of heaven and earth.”
02 Lamb of God
This window symbolizes Jesus Christ, the second person of the godhead and the lamb of God, to whom belongs “blessing and honor and glory and dominion forever and ever” (Revelation 5:13).
03 Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit is symbolized in this window as a dove, the form in which the Spirit baptized Jesus and equipped Him for His earthly ministry. The Scriptures present the Spirit of God as co-eternal and co-equal with the Father and the Son.
04 Holy Trinity
This window presents dual symbols of the Trinity which emphasize the distinctness and the unity of the three persons of the godhead: One God in three persons.
05 Creation
This window presents God and the creator of all things, a teaching summed up in the words of Westminster Shorter Catechism answer 9, that God created “all things of nothing, by the word of His power, in the space of six days, and all very good.”
06 Theology Gone Awry
The temptation of man through the means of the serpent and man’s subsequent fall is represented in this window. Yet, we are reminded of God’s provision of grace amid His pronouncement of judgment and His promise of a redeemer in Genesis 3:15.
07 The New World Order
God’s covenant with Noah is highlighted in this window. God preserved Noah and his family and promised to preserve the earth, that the earth might bear testimony to Him and that He might have a people to worship and serve Him.
08 Fire for a Burnt Offering
This window pictures the fire for a burnt offering and the knife which Abraham took to Mount Moriah to slay his son, Isaac, in accordance with God’s command. God ultimately told Abraham to spare his son, unlike God’s own Son Jesus, who was not spared, but was “delivered up for us all.”
09 Coat of Many Colors
Joseph’s “coat of many colors” is pictured in this window. Even as Joseph was beloved by his father, rejected by his brethren, but raised up to a position of authority, so Jesus, the beloved Son of God, was rejected of men, but raised to God’s right hand with all power and authority.
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01 One God

Symbolizes the creative hand of God the Father Almighty, the “Maker of heaven and earth.”