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Session Summary February 2020

Eric opened our session with words of encouragement from Psalm 78 and our need to listen to our fathers and speak to our children in order to pass on the faith. We prayed for 11 families of the church according to their needs. An officer training class is beginning this week. Future Sunday School plans were discussed reaching into the next year when we will start a Christian History class. A Family Discipleship Class will begin in March. We named Dan and Ted as our delegates to General Assembly in Birmingham in June. Our income is about $8,ooo behind our expenses for the year. We are nearer the implementation of our push for a larger digital impact (Web site, social media, advertising, etc), better and more frequent communications, and a simplified financial process. This will entail large changes and the transition will be slow but steady. The Thursday morning prayer meetings that start at 9:30am in the church office are off and running. Everyone is welcome to join in the work and encouragement of corporate prayer. Several shepherding concerns were discussed, prayed for, and contact assignments were made. A ministry/service opportunity list will be drawn up and placed in the bulletin soon. We discussed other concerns in executive session. The issues that we deal with are at times difficult and heart rending, but the wisdom that we seek never fails to arrive and the Spirit that binds us together in unity and gives us the patience to truly hear one another is precious. Pray for us as we lead you beside the green pastures and the quiet waters.

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