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Session Summary January 2020

Ted opened our time together with a devotion from Ephesians 1:3-14 on the blessed sovereignty of God in the ‘big’ things of life. And, He is present and working even in the ‘little’ things, too. We prayed for 8 families of the church, and even for one family outside the church. Classical Conversations has a summer Parent Practicum on May 27-29 and we approved their request to hold the event at Westminster. We discussed the many recent visitors to our church and were encouraged by their presence and those who invited them. We have several men willing to stand for the office of deacon and we will hold a training class beginning in February. All are welcome to attend. See Pastor Mark for details. Giving was up in December and the first 2 weeks in January and we are nearly reaching the black. We are about $6400 in the red. A new Family Discipleship Sunday School Class will start in March sometime. We are encouraging whole families to attend together and to walk through Workbooks on the Shorter Catechism, among other things. On April 2, we will host Christ in the Passover Seder meal led by a converted Ukrainian Jew from Jews for Jesus. Mark your calendars. Next year for Easter, we are looking into having a Physician explain to us the physical sufferings of Jesus on the cross. Johan will soon begin a class on brainstorming for practical evangelism, potentially both on Wednesday Evening and during the Sunday School hour. Roy is looking into obtaining a bus to transport willing Fort Gordon Soldiers to our worship services. We already have a driver. The once a month Thursday Intercessory Prayer meetings will multiply to every week at the church at 9:30 am. All are welcome to storm the throne of grace together. Several proposals from the Worship Team were considered and the changes, as we make them, will be evident. We are tweaking the Communion Service a bit, changing the presentation and cleaning up in the kitchen and not in the sanctuary. We would like to sing more Psalms, add an Old and New Testament readings in the worship service, consider a new Psalter Hymnal, and a new children’s cry room. We would also like to encourage our young boys and girls to participate in our worship services and encouraging additional work-lists. More to follow. The Web site / social media / digital Team reported and there will appear to be significant changes on the horizon. We spoke again about several shepherding concerns and encouraged prayer for and follow up with them. We approved funding the Catechizer’s class for this year and will put it in the budget for next year. Two possibilities were discussed for the 5th Sunday Fellowship Meal program in March. We ended our time in executive session and with prayer, fatigue, and a few laughs. Your session is encouraged by the growth, maturity, prayer, and service of our congregation. God is at work, may the people rejoice!

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