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Session Summary September 2019

We began our meeting with a devotion on love and prayed for 11 families of the church. We received a family into membership and also erased a member who is attending elsewhere. We are preparing a seminar for the leaders of our church this fall on “Caring for the Abused.” The Elder-Shepherding List was completed and will be published soon. Preparing for the sale of the Fulcher House is progressing. We will be erecting a shed for our lawn mowing equipment behind the sanctuary in preparation for the sale. Our budget report is available and we are a little behind but that is not unexpected for the slow summer months. We are planning on an Evangelistic Outreach for October 25 at our church. We will be canvassing the neighborhood with pamphlets to invite our neighbors, putting up a sign by the road, and promoting through Christian radio. We will be providing food and a speaker for the event. We had 36 attend our Young Family Fellowship Meal last week. We will at adding additional refreshments to our fellowship time between Sunday School and our Worship Service. We do encourage greater attendance for Sunday School (9am) and the Fellowship Time(10am). We discussed several sensitive issues in executive session. Our next meeting will be Tuesday, October 29th at 5:30pm.

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