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Session Summary August 2019

We began our meeting with a devotion on knowing God as the foundation of theology and the beginning of practice. Knowing the attributes of God has very practical applications. We prayed for 14 families of the church; especially those enduring grief and physical illness. Pastor reported on the Discovery Class that is just beginning. We approved a concept proposal for pursuing a new and improved web site. Johan and Pastor Mark will soon be recruiting for a new Evangelism Team. Eric Eagle will be leading a seminar in the fall for church leadership regarding better caring for the victims of abuse. The new shepherding lists were discussed but not yet finalized. Randy Waters reported on the recent work of the deacons, including roof and A/C issues, new Bibles for outreach, wasps, fire ants, Lakemont PCA using our facilities on Wednesday night. And that was still a summary of their summary! We discussed having a outreach mentality and the need to begin friendships and reach out to those within a mile of the church. We approved hosting 3 tables for the Crisis Pregnancy Center on October 12th. We discussed the details of serving communion twice a month. Great benefit was derived from the presence and the insights 4 of the women of the church. We prayed at the beginning, during the meeting and also to close. We are merely servants to the great King and we truly desire to follow him in our decisions and to rule with the grace and wisdom that he provides. Please pray for us as we seek to shepherd the whole congregation.

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