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Get on the Plane

An eight year old child once asked his father, “How big is God?” The wise father answered the question with a question. “Son, look up at the sky. Do you see that airplane?” “Yes.” “How big is that plane? “ “It looks tiny. Smaller than my little finger.”

Then, he drove his son to O’hare in Chicago and got as close to the Boeing 777 planes as the TSA would allow. “Son, how big is the plane now?” “It is huge.” “You see son, the closer you get to God, the larger He becomes.”

That was how I first heard the illustration. The lesson was that God gets bigger and bigger the more you know about him and the closer you approach him. Cool. God is big and Christian experience makes him look even bigger. But then I thought, why not get on the plane?

God is God - the Sovereign creator of the universe; the Lord of providence, the Maker of the new heavens and the new earth. Why not jump on board the plane of his absolute sovereignty and rest through the journey?

If we worry at all we worry too much. God is calling all the shots. Your savior, your redeemer, your friend is the Lord of the universe. He has promised that all things work for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose. (Romans 8:28) Any trial, grief, worry or affliction that you endure is merely God’s needlework. It is a painful, confusing process that leads to a glorious result! We can trust God with our trials and afflictions. That is the calling of faith. God is sovereign over grief and pain. There is rest under the shadow of his wings.

We too often allow our circumstances to grow larger and more ominous, and ask our God to take a seat at the back of the bus and field our vicious accusations - ‘Why me? ‘Why now?’ ‘Don’t you love me?’ That is, we turn our backs and walk further away from the plane of God’s bigness and sovereign kindness.

I am learning to trust God through all that life throws at me. I am seeking to trust the Sovereign bigness of God in everything. By faith, I am getting on the plane. My next step is to fly enough to earn first class frequent flyer miles. Won’t you join me on the plane?

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