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Session Summary July 2019

Your session meet on July 15th and opened with a devotion by Ed Payne regarding thinking on the names and attributes of God. We prayed for 8 families from the church and 3 outside the church. We will begin a Discovery Class for potential new members on August 11th during the Sunday School hour. We discussed how best to implement a study on “Becoming a Church that Cares for the Abused.” The new Shepherding List will be completed and published next month. We discussed the General Assembly and the major issues raised there. We prayed for the Women’s Bible Study and thanked God for the regular, abundant, and sacrificial giving of our congregation. The Fulcher House survey was completed and we are slowly but surely preparing to sell the property. Communion will be served on the second and fourth Lord’s Day of the Month beginning in August. We will have two missions reports in July, Joe Nichols and Tim Worrell, and one in September, the Lehn family. We formed a team to come alongside Newt Goldman and his daughter for help them with a few issues. The deacons reported on their many, necessary and money-saving activities for the church. We erased one member, transferred 3 and received one by transfer. We are pursuing a Fort Gordon Thanksgiving like we did last year. We are pursuing ways to become a more environmentally friendly church. We have also gathered interested volunteers for our Hurricane Relief Program. Sharon Kuhn, Kathy Waters, and Millie Moore sat in and participated in our discussions. They are a blessing. Bryan McReynolds also filled in for Dan Nielsen as our clerk for the meeting.

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