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Session Summary June 2019

Session Summary June 2019

Eight elders and 3 guests from the Women of Westminster met on June 17th. Ed Payne led a devotion on faith, what it is (doing your Christian duty), and how to increase it (spiritual disciplines and the means of grace). He also shared 3 questions to ask when counseling someone: What is your problem? What have you done about it? What do you expect me to do about it?

We prayed by name for 10 families of the church according to their needs. We approved a new web hosting service and this will entail a revamping of our church web site. We erased a family from the membership roles at their request and transferred the Daugherty family to Westtown PCA in Tampa. We discussed a proposal for a paid communications position and delegated it to the Steering and Administration Teams for consideration. This would include new church software, increased communication, password protected online church directory, social media attention, whole church instant communication, financial integration, and membership tracking.

Honey for Westminster was approved. The Kuhn’s are sharing with us an abundant harvest of honey. Members and visitors are encouraged to take up and eat! Our budget numbers usually fall steadily behind in the summer months and this year is no exception. We are about $10k behind budget. We continue to run through hoops regarding the sale of the Fulcher House but progress is being made. A church wide prayer meeting will be held on the fourth Sunday evening of each month at 6pm. This meeting will include a testimony from a leader or member of our church. We discussed a few para-church organizations: Compassion International, Cornwall Alliance, Crossroads Prison Ministry, and Crisis Pregnancy Center. We will keep you posted. We paused again to pray for 5 other families of the church who are serving, hurting, or struggling. It is a continuing delight to serve with those who love the church, labor to see her healthy and growing, and are both wise and gracious. We are often both exhausted after a long meeting (4 hours!) and encouraged at the privilege of doing the Lord’s work. Pray for us as we serve.

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