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Session Summary May 2019

Your Session meet for nearly 4 hours on May 13th and three of the Women of Westminster also attended. Eric Eagle led a devotion on how Mary “kept all these things and pondered them in her heart.” We prayed for 7 families of the church. We discussed having a new website hosting service and updating our web site with a password protected site for members only - to include an online photo directory. We discussed the major issues before the General Assembly this year. Pastor Mark and Elder Dan will be attending. We cleaned up the membership rolls. Thirty six former members have grown and moved on or moved away or started new membership at other church. In two cases our members were promoted to glory. A Steering Committee to propose concrete changes to the session that will give the church more of an outward focus will begin to meet this month and complete their recommendations by the end of the summer. We talked of next steps to host an evangelist at Westminster. We would also like to start a young peoples informal discipleship group. We decided on possible guest preachers for June 30 and July 28. We delegated a legal question regarding hosting a for-profit group at our church to the Administration Team. Several of our ministry teams are receiving additional members from our newly installed elders. We will honor our High School graduates on June 2nd. At our 5th Sunday fellowship meal on June 30th we will give a summary of the recently concluded general assembly. July 13th will be an active day at our church. We will have a CPR class, a “Dunk a Dan” fundraiser, and potentially a blood drive. Mark your calendars. May 26th will be a prayer meeting that will replace our Interactive evening Bible Study. We will also have an elder ready to pray for anyone immediately after the service in the front of the sanctuary. Prayer is the life blood of the church and we need an additional infusion. We also paused to pray for others in the midst of our business. The wisdom, unity, and desire to rule well and in all humility among our elders is really quite remarkable. I typically leave the meetings exhausted yet thankful to benefit from the servant leaders at Westminster, both men and women. Continue to pray for us as we nurture the flock.

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