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Session Summary April 2019

We welcomed our three new elders to our meeting and had Ed Payne lead another devotion on counseling from a Biblical foundation. We will encourage activities for the May 2 day of prayer. We revisited our membership list and will follow up on 5 families and erase many names that have not been with us for years. We will recruit a team to propose changes based on the vision meeting last March. They will meet in the summer and suggest changes for the fall to give our church more of an outward focus. We paused to pray for 15 families of the church. We met with the deacons to discuss how the congregation can assist them in their many ministries. We approved additional security cameras, better wifi in the sanctuary, and improvements on our sound system

that the deacons proposed. We also discussed future big tickets items for equipment repair or replacement. We will upgrade the stove and refrigerator in the gym kitchen. The final budget numbers came in and we finished in the black by $4,107.12. God is good and his people are generous. We continue to jump through hoops necessary for the sale of the Fulcher House. We shared the need for a new CEF coordinator for the Westmont School. We approved Rich Nelligan to serve on the Admin Team with a special focus on our janitorial services. We prayed for wandering members of our congregation and how we might reach out to them with truth, love and compassion. It was good to hear from our new elders and to see how they and their collective wisdom will be used to benefit the church.

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