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Solve for "X"

I love math. It is easy. At least it was when there was only one variable. 6=3+x. Solve for x. One variable, one quick and easy solution. Easy. Then came the extra variable. 245 -y(5-w)=42/y-x. Solve for x. Suddenly Math became more difficult and confusing. Nearly every problem that you face in life is both as simple and as complex as “Solve for x.”

Most problems have more than one contributing factor and more than one necessary solution. Complex issues require complex solutions. For instance, what caused the Florida school shooting? Guns? The failure of the FBI? Video game and movie violence? An absent father? The NRA? Grief? Mental illness? God being kicked out of the schools? School or family breakdown? Republicans? The 4 armed officers that waited outside the school? Lack of a security guard in the school? A 20 minute delay on the school security tape? All of these causes have been suggested and more. Which one cause is the right cause? Which solution is the correct answer? Perhaps all are contributing factors. It is a complex problem that cannot be solved by a single act. Solve for x, but there are 20 variables, each with potentially troubling, unforeseen consequences.

So how do we solve for x on the pressing current issue of mass shootings? X is evil. We live in a fallen world. We have turned from God, from truth, from good and we have turned to evil. Truth is now subjectively determined, and we have put ourselves on the throne. That is a lot of thrones. More than we need. We have far too many contradictory, self-refuting “truths.” We don’t know right from wrong anymore. It is not ok to shoot 17 high school kids, but we can kill 3,000 infants in the womb every day and 125,000 per day worldwide. Why?

We need a clear moral standard, a transcendental objective canon, and God has provided the only one. But, even that standard, the Law of God, can only show us what is wrong and how we have failed. It cannot solve the problem. Law alone cannot solve the problem. How many laws were broken by the school shooter? Do you think one or two more laws would have stopped him? No, evil must be overcome by good. Evil must be defeated by grace.

Jesus did not come to advocate for gun control, of either the legislative or the “steady hand” kind. He came to defeat evil. He came to change hearts and minds. He came to bring His children home, back to Eden and even better - the new heavens and the new earth! The loud clamor for a single, simple solution will eventually fade. Some laws will be passed and fail to solve the problem. There will be a louder clamor again. We are missing the root of the problem. We are not solving for x, and x is evil. Jesus has come in the flesh to solve the problem of x. He has taught us the truth and given us an absolute standard: His Law. He has even given us new hearts to live and love this revelation that we now rejoice in. So, do not shout for a temporary solution that is doomed to fail; shout for a permanent solution that has already succeeded. Jesus has solved for x.

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