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Session Summary July 2018

Gary Mullen opened our meeting with a devotional on chapter 6 of The Shepherd Leader, by Timothy Witmer. We prayed for several members of our congregation. We transferred Lissa Robinson and Lauren Gilpin to First Presbyterian Church in Augusta. We planned for a special meeting to decide on a new Shepherding Initiative on July 11th. We publicly received the Hubenthal, Hunn, Iverson and Eagle family into membership on July 15th. We decided to invest in LED lighting throughout the church. The initial cost will be recouped in energy savings in approximately 5 years. The plan for the 5th Sunday fellowship meal was decided. We approved a yard sale at the church for the Karius’ adoption fund raising. The photo directory, new library, and visitor’s booth were discussed. Two items were dealt with in executive session. A report on the PCA General Assembly was received. We will become participants in the Amazon Smile program. Details forthcoming. The Worship Team is assisting in constructing the Worship services for July. They are also encouraging participation in the Sing 2018 Conference in September in Nashville.

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