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Session Summary May 2018

Here are some highlights from our last session meeting. We decided to grant a ‘sabbath’ of sorts to our Sunday School teachers and Home Small Group leaders. Pastor Mark will lead an intergenerational Sunday School class from June into September. This will combine the Palmer, Finlay, Daugherty, and McReynolds, classes. We will study “The Life and Ministry of Jesus” and “The Mission of Jesus” by Ray VanderLaan in the That The World May Know series by Focus on the Family. The Home Small Groups will be taking June and July off. We are encouraging the groups to consider hosting a party or other forms of hospitality. There will also be no Children’s Church for July or August, and Pioneers will begin again in September. We have a Worship Workshop on May 22 at 6:30 pm at the church. We will be constructing worship services for July. We rejoice at our first special offering for debt reduction which totaled $6026! A new photo directory is in process. We have 4 families that are soon to be interviewed for membership. Patrick Daugherty and Eric Eagle will be preaching in June while our pastor is away at General Assembly and on vacation. On August 6th we will welcome a Classical Conversations group to our church for Monday’s during the school year. A comprehensive Shepherding proposal was discussed and it will be tweaked for approval in June. The Administration Team recommended putting some church funds in a Money Market account and staggering CD’s; this was approved. We gave the ok to purchase a new A/C unit for the ‘office’ wing of the church to replace a broken unit. We prayed for several families in the church and met in executive session for three items.

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