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Session Summary April 2018

We welcomed our new elders, Gary Mullen and Roy Smith, and opened with a devotional about the “Seven Essentials of an Effective Shepherding Ministry,” by Timothy Witmer. We discussed our Shepherding Brainstorming meeting with the Elders and their wives on April 27th. We talked about our new visitors, new member class and our presbytery hosting responsibilities. We prayed about the needs in our congregation. Ted Kuhn was our delegated representative to the Savannah River Presbytery. We approved the budget for our next fiscal year and a debt-reduction initiative to be presented at our fifth Sunday fellowship meal. We will also have a blood drive on April 29th during the fellowship meal. May 13th will be a mini mission conference with all the Sunday School classes combining to hear the Kuhn’s discuss their recent missionary service. The worship team is planning a seminar and a trip to the Sing 2018 conference. (https://gettymusicworshipconference.com)

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