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Session Summary March 2018

Ted Kuhn led our devotions with a history tour of elders as shepherds. We approved a meeting of all our elders to discuss how to better shepherd our people. A few discipleship initiatives were reported on. The Savannah River Presbytery will be meeting at our place on April 17th and our hosting responsibilities were discussed. The installation of our new officers was talked about. We approved a debt reduction proposal to be presented at our April 29th fellowship meal. A Summer Sunday School proposal was approved. We will have a family integrated class all summer (from the Palmer class through Bryan’s Adult class). We will watch and discuss a video series called “That the World May Know.) Also, Mike Banta will be teaching and adult call in the fall on Islam. The worship team will be preparing another seminar and also will encourage attendance at the Sing 2018 conference in Nashville this fall. Various shepherding concerns were prayed for and we dismissed after a long 4 hours.

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