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Session Summary February 2018

Your session met on February 5th while Ted and Sharon Kuhn were serving on the other side of the world. We had two schools requesting the use of our facilities beginning this fall. We declined the request from Savannah River Academy because it would displace all our weekday ministries. We accepted the request from Classical Conversations to meet here on either Monday or Friday. We filled our pulpit once in March and twice in June while Pastor Mark is away. Reports were received on two new discipleship initiatives that are just beginning. We discussed shepherding concerns. The Care and Concern Team proposal was edited and approved. The special giving request for the welcome booth and the new library shelves exceeded our asking in just two weeks. Look for changes soon. The Fulcher House conundrum was raised and options for its use or sale were discussed. A Family Fellowship Meal and a Game Night were put on the schedule. We called a congregational meeting for March 18th to present the budget and to vote on new elders and deacons. We met with the Administration Team and the present and future deacons and three interested members of the congregation to discuss our financial situation and the church budget for 2018-2019. Our giving in the last few months nearly erased our deficit. We should finish about $5,000 short of our budget for the year. (Spending is also below budgeted levels.) We are lowering our future budget and tightening our expenses for next year. We have $131,000 in the bank. We will also encourage special giving to the building fund/debt reduction. We will inform of its progress in the monthly Westminster Window. Several special projects to maintain our facilities were discussed.

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