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Session Summary January 2018

We gathered as a session on Monday, January 8th. Pastor led a devotion on Shepherding from chapter one of “The Shepherd Leader,” by Timothy Witmer. We discussed the 3 men dominated and willing to serve as deacons and the 2 men ready to serve as elders. We will have a congregational meeting in March to vote on new officers. We prayed for several shepherding concerns in the church fellowship. We rejoiced together in the December giving of $59,679. The elders, deacons, and Administration Team will gather on February 5th to discuss our budget shortfall and what we can do to cut expenses for next year. Questions from the church about our worship service and visiting missionaries were addressed and changes will be made. We will have both fellowship/greeting and quiet preparation before our morning worship services and will we have joint Sunday School meetings when a missionary comes to report. This, in effect, is replacing our previous mission conferences. A group of servant minded women met with the session to propose ministries to assist the elders and deacons in their work. We are working to have women, and men, come alongside the deacons and elders to assist in the ministries of the church. This is the Ezer project and more information will be coming out soon. Pastor Mark will begin a new members class soon. We are asking for donations for a new Visitors Booth in the foyer and new bookshelves for the library in the fellowship hall. Total expense will be about $2500. Your giving can be designated for that project. We are working on coffee mugs, church pamphlets, and small gifts that we can give to our first time visitors. Pastor Mark is beginning a One on One discipleship program at our church. He will recruit, equip, and assist several men and women to mentor others in the church and eventually outside the church. Please pray for the officers, leaders, and servants of our congregation as they together Make and Mature Disciples of Jesus Christ.

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