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The Gender Blender

I have always wanted to fly. I can imagine myself as a bird jumping off a tree and flying through the mountainous valleys. I sometimes dream of jumping off a cliff with my arms spread out like a bird. Then I wake up. But I am not a bird I don't have the physical characteristics of a bird nor the genetic makeup of an feathered creature. And if I persist in thinking of myself as a bird I could rightly be diagnosed with a mental illness.

I am a human male. Yet I have often wondered what it would be like to carry a child in my womb. But I am not female I do not have the genetic characteristics or physical attributes of a female. And if I were to persist in thinking of myself as a female I could likely be diagnosed with a mental condition. The American Psychiatric Association calls it Gender Dysphoria, which means, “a conflict between a person's physical or assigned gender and the gender with which he/she/they identify. People with gender dysphoria may be very uncomfortable with the gender they were assigned.”

Ever since the fall of our first parents, we have desired to be free from all external constraints. We don't want God to rule over us. We don't want biology or genetics to rule over us. True freedom to us means absolute liberty from all constraints, even natural and physical barriers. We don't want to be defined by our gender. We want the freedom to change our biology and genetics. We can self-identify as anything that we feel we are regardless of what we actually are; physically and biologically.

Welcome to the gender blender. At first, I thought this title was a cute phrase that gets to the crux of the issue. But, the Urban Dictionary actually defines it as one who presents as a mix of both genders. But, gender is not fluid. We are either male or female. It isn't open for discussion or subject to choice. God has made us male and female in his image. (Genesis 1:26-28) In our mad rush to be free from God and liberated from all constraints we are now fighting against reality, biology, and genetics. Sin has blinded us to our created identity we are searching in this fallen world for a replacement identity that will satiate our thirst for autonomous freedom. Our culture will helpfully provide alternate (aberrant?) identities to consider. And they will support and encourage us in our newly conjured identities. But that fantasy does not change who we are.

A worldview salad comprised of evolutionary theory, unrestricted freedom, and humanistic authority will encourage and support this kind of gender confusion. We are still evolving and perhaps even our genders can change. There is no authority over us so we can decide who we are and what is right and wrong. And we are out for maximum freedom, therefore, no one, not even our genetics or biology, can tell us who we are.

But lest we merely condemn the other guy and take pride in not being like them, let us recognize that we do the same thing in another form. We are all seeking to establish our identity outside of God and we are all pursuing maximum freedom. That is the natural inclination of our fallen nature. We all just want to be ourselves in the way that we ourselves define. Our rebellious independence may take another form but it is just a different symptom of the same disease. We do not want God to rule over us.

When I open a box that says ‘some assembly required’, I become a little child again. I try to put it together on my own without the unnecessary props of the instructions. After my growing frustration with trying to do it myself, I refer back to the owners manual. And then, slowly, step-by-step I put the monster together. That is what we do after the fall by searching for our identity. Eventually, the frustration ought to drive us back to the owners manual. God created us male and female in his image to glorify and enjoy him forever. That is who we are.

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