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Hot Potatoes and the Forgotten Christian Worldview

I don't like to be told that there's broccoli in my teeth or that my slip is showing. (Not that I wear a slip, but you get my point!) How many people have heard the phrase, “Ahem, your worldview is showing." There is a growing chasm between actual Christian living and historic Christian doctrine, and the sizable gap is growing. Our inadequate worldview is showing.

We typically argue about and shout over the hot potato issues of the day in merely sound bite fashion. We angrily state our position and explain why we hate others that disagree. We may give a reason or two for our thinking but we never truly interact with the opposition or even go very deeply into our own position. Why? Because we don't know what we believe anymore! We don't really know why we believe! We can engage in shouting matches, but not intelligent debate. The current level of genuine intelligent interaction on the issues of our day is pretty low.

But, it is not really healthy debate that I am interested in. If you take your Biblical thinking cap off your living will be aberrant, eventually painful, and ultimately destructive. We make poor, rebellious and harmful choices when we are ignorant of God.

The hot potato issues of the day are merely the symptoms of a deeper disease. We have forgotten God; His truth; his law, and the foundational ethics of a Christian Worldview. Beneath every hot topic hides a foundational worldview. We ought to search the issues of the day by digging into the worldview framework that supports it. Debate on the issues of the day ought to focus on the ultimate commitments of its advocates.

What I would like to do in the articles that follow (and perhaps even a future Sunday School class) is to examine the hot topics of the day and try to fathom the worldview framework beneath each position on the issue. I would like to examine the worldview that supports the anti-biblical positions and counter that with the biblical worldview foundation of the Christian view. I would like to teach a Christian worldview by looking through the window of current affairs. Issues like gender choice, homosexual rights, Conservative marginalization in the media and on the college campus, and the socially acceptable persecution of Christians and their beliefs.

We need to argue at the root level of the issues of the day, we must go beneath the surface because our culture has fully spent the fumes of a passing Christian position. In other words, we have forgotten God.

In the past, our culture was generally Christianized and most people held to somewhat Christian positions even though they didn't understand why. The culture was generally in favor of biblical Christianity. But the Christian capital that was built up in former generations, especially in the South, is all but spent. Even Christian people don't understand the Christian view from which we derive our ethics. Our practical ethical commitments come far more from Hollywood and Harlequin Romance novels than from the law of God. We need a revival of thinking in our day. And having done the hard work of thinking through the issues from a Christian/Biblical foundation, we need to address the unbelieving world as winsome Calvinists. We must change hearts before we can change minds.

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