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Session Summary August 2017

Session Summary August 2017

Your session opened their meeting with prayer and a devotion from the “Be Refreshed” booklet on generosity. We discussed shepherding concerns and prayed for those needs. With the Mares no longer needing support we discussed a new ministry to support and we will decide in October. We approve cutting down some trees on our Fulcher property. Our new worship bulletin format was well received and we will continue its use. We will no longer make announcements verbally before worship. Instead, we will have all the announcements written out in the bulletin. The deadline for including announcement will be Wednesday noon for the following Lord’s Day. We decided to separate the prayer for the offering and the pastoral prayer. We need additional sound technicians and are seeking one to lead a Welcome our Visitors Ministry. Be on the lookout for photos and brief introductions of our new members and recent attendees. Patrick Daugherty will fill the pulpit in Pastor Mark’s absence on September 17th and November 19th. He is also putting together a new Home group for our youth and young married couples.We are calling for another Worship Workshop for the first week in October to plan for the Reformation Day Worship Service on October 29th. We discussed an Adult Sunday School proposal, possibly visually recording our worship service, and will look into having screens in the foyer for scrolling announcements and ministry information.

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