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Session Summary July 2017

Session Summary July 2017

We gathered around Blueberry Crisp, a devotional about shepherding and prayer for the leaders and the congregation. We discussed the Fulcher Property and the required easement and will schedule a meeting with our neighbors to discuss it. We acknowledged the new church membership at Crawford Avenue Baptist Church of some of our former members. We will have a new member reception and a baptism on July 30th. We will start a new members class on August 6th. Our guest pastor on July 23rd will discuss his mission efforts in Liberia during the Sunday School hour. We discussed some shepherding concerns and prayed for the congregation. We approved a First Aid/CPR class for August 26th and a Giving Emphasis Sunday for August 20th. More details to follow. We have a Worship Seminar and Workshop set for July 28-29. We are working on changing the light bulbs in the sanctuary, and a new, simpler phone system

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