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Timothy Keller, “Making Sense of God - An Invitation to the Skeptical.”

Timothy Keller, “Making Sense of God - An Invitation to the Skeptical.”

Tim Keller can speak gospel common sense to the closed, skeptical, post-modern mind. He achieves this by listening deeply and reading widely the secular intellectuals themselves. He knows how they think and shows the flaws and the real-life empty consequences of their thinking. It is a golden road, paved with good intentions that leads to nowhere. The brightest secular postmoderns cannot answer the basic issues of real human life. But true Christianity does. Hidden in the background of Keller’s approach is pre-suppositional apologetics. He listens in order to discern the foundational commitments of one’s worldwiew, he draws logical and necessary conclusions from those premises, and shows the holes in the system of thinking. He then reviews the Christian answers to those same problems. He speaks the gospel to real human dilemmas. He brings the ideals of others to be judged at the bar of reality and reveals that the emperor has no clothes. But then, he provides the garments of salvation.

If you know of a smart, secular, post-modern intellectual but you don’t know how to speak the gospel to them - give them this book. Perhaps send them “The Reason for God” as well.

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