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Understanding our Great Salvation: (Part 2) God Decides to Save Some

July 15, 2015

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Women's Bible Study

July 25, 2016


Westminster Presbyterian Church

The Gospel of Matthew

Part 1: To Fulfill What Was Said by the Prophets

Taught by Taylor Dunham 


Religion is a specific system of belief, usually based upon a god or supernatural power who rules the universe (or some aspect of it) who must be obeyed.  It usually involves a philosophy and is expressed in some kind of sacred ritual and has a code of conduct.  A culture forms around a people’s religion:  Jewish culture, Islamic culture, Hindu culture, Christian culture, etc…


There are many religions in the world, just as there are many cultures, and none of them will save you.  That’s right, none—not Judaism, not Islam, not Buddhism or Hinduism, not tribal Paganism, not Humanism, not Christianity. 


Wait a minute!  This is a church—a conservative, bible-believing, evangelical church.  Did I read that last statement correctly? 


Yes, you did. 


Christianity cannot save you.  Don’t confuse your Religion with your Savior! 


You can memorize the Bible, recite The Apostle’s Creed and The Lord’s Prayer, know all the answers to the Westminster Catechism questions, adhere to the Book of Church Order, and be just as blind as a bat or as lost as Pharisee.  Only Jesus (the person) can save you.  Does He know you?


This Fall our Women’s Bible Study will be taking a close look at Jesus as we begin a study of the Gospel of Matthew.  We will look at the prophecies, life, miracles, teaching, friends and enemies of the Man, Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ. 


This study is appropriate for mature believers and for beginners—anyone who is curious about the most significant man who ever lived.  Come and meet the one man upon whom all your hopes depend! 

To sign up or to register a friend or children for our free childcare during the study, please contact:  Taylor Dunham at t.mabrie777@gmail.com or 706-650-8424. 

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