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Preparing for the Lord's Table

Q. 171. How do we prepare to receive the Lord’s supper?

Preparation for the Lord’s supper involves careful examination:

of the condition of our life in Christ;

of our sins and failings;

of whether we truly and to what degree know God,

believe in him,

and have repented,

and of whether we love God and our fellow believers.

We should have a charitable attitude toward everyone,

including forgiveness of those who have wronged us.

We must also assess how much we desire Christ

and whether we are living in newness of obedience.

Finally we must renew the practice of these graces in us

by serious meditation and fervent prayer.

  1. How would you rate your walk with Christ, on a scale of 1 to 10? Where are you at in your spiritual development?

  2. What are you sins, and failing? The big ones and the little ones. Do you know yourself accurately?

  3. Do you really know God? And how well do you know him? Are you are on speaking terms? Best Friends, or do you tolerate each other from a distance?

  4. Do you trust Jesus Christ? What are you trusting Him for?

  5. Have you repented lately? Confessed and forsaken sin?

  6. Do you love your brothers and sisters in Christ? Do you love them in a self-denying, sacrificial manner? Do you think of others in the church as positively as you can? Do you give them the benefit of the doubt, the judgement of charity? Have you forgiven those who may have wronged you, or do you keep them at arms length, and cage them in your own personal prison? Forgiveness means reconciliation - like Christ has done for you.

  7. Do you desire more of Christ? Are you amazed at who he is, and want to spend time with him, and be more like him?

  8. Is obedience a delight for you? Does it bring you joy to please God by keeping his commandments?

  9. Do you pray about these things, and give serious thought to the Christian life?

This is self-examination. And no one gets all A’s. That is why we need Christ - his forgiveness, his grace, his righteousness. And that is why we come, broken and joyful, to the Lord’s Supper. He is our perfect savior.

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