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Good and Angry

Ephesians 4:26-27

Grace enables us to handle righteous anger in a sinless way and to be righteously anger at our sinful anger.

God wants us to see His glory and be transformed by it. Our personal sanctification is the public display of the glory of God. We act differently because we are different from the inside out. Grace has altered the DNA of our character.

Not all anger is sin. Righteous anger is being angry with God’s anger. It is anger for His name’s sake. In our rare righteous anger we are to filter out our pride, malice, hatred, revenge and selfishness.

Most of our anger is selfish anger over a personal offense or wounded pride. We think that all of our anger is justified. We often blame others or the situation for our freely chosen anger. We must not defend, excuse or justify our sinful anger. We must slay it.

Even righteous anger must not fester. We must put term limits on our anger. Lingering anger is like Kudzu - it will cover and kill everything around it. We must not give the Devil a stick to beat us with in our aging anger. It gives him both the space and the raw materials to work something truly ugly.

We should be righteously offended for God’s sake, God’s glory, God’s name. We need to attack the wrong with gospel weapons. Yet, most of our anger is sinful. We must stop. We need a sight of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ to get us out of ourselves and become God centered and not self-focussed. We long to see God’s name glorified, not our name defended. You are a new creation in Christ, now live like it. You can overcome anger and promote the unity and prosperity of the Church. Christ is in you.

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