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Building Community by Speaking Truth

Ephesians 4:25

“We build godly community with bricks of truth.”

Sanctification is God’s continued work in us and with us so that we begin to look and act more like Christ. Because we have been justified, we are being sanctified, and this process takes place in community. We don’t do Christianity alone. We love God by loving His children. Our growth in sanctification should be evident in the way we relate to one another in the church. We are called to live at peace and in unity with one another, reflecting the love that we have received from God in Christ. One of the ways we do this is by speaking truth.

We live in a culture of lies, and this mindset is what we are called to put off. Pride was the first sin and lying is the first defense of our fallen nature, an attempt to save face. The Gospel helps us to stop lying because it frees us from our pride. Those who have received the Gospel have been exposed, forgiven and accepted; we don’t have to hide anymore! Our pride is not worth defending. When we are wrong, we can admit it. The Gospel allows us to look truth full in the face. Jesus is the Truth and we are accepted in Him, so we don’t have to be afraid.

Satan is called the Father of Lies. It may be said of those who lie, “You have your father’s lies!” But those who have been saved by Christ are now Children of Truth and it is God’s desire that we become a truth-telling community. Everything we say must be true, but we ought not to say every true thing. Truth isn’t the only filter we use. Is it edifying? Does it build others up? Is it loving and helpful? Is this the right time to say it? Does it administer grace? Sometimes it is better to remain silent. We can do the devil’s work by speaking truth at the wrong time or in a wrong manner.

Because we have been washed and cleansed, we are called to be who we are now by speaking the truth in love. The church should be a community where truth is defended and promoted. We are free to speak truth because Jesus is the Truth and in Him we are loved and accepted.

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