Plato’s Cave: We Prefer our Small Shadows

Our view of the world around us and the world about us bas been so greasy enhanced that it would seem that we have been catapulted into a majestic theater that gives daily displays of remarkable glory. Yet our view of the world is perhaps more earthbound and nearsighted than ever before. Ours is the age of myopia, an age in which we declare that the sum total of reality is th here and now. this is an unprecedented kind of secularism. In our quest for liberation from the sacred and creaturely independence, we have succeeded only in cutting ourselves off from the sacred. We live in a smaller cave than Plato envisioned, and the shadows we behold are cast not by a roaring fire but by rapidl

Facing Death - Living Life

I love vacations but I tread that final day. I endeavor to deny the existence of that last day of vacation. True joy, needed rest, and belly laughing fun will all be over and I will return to normalcy - that sounds so uninspiring. Can I somehow extend the vacation, or make it last forever? Despite my efforts my vacation dies. We often think of death like that last day of vacation. We dread it. We avoid thinking of it at all. Our tranquil lives are often greatly disturbed by thoughts of death. Disrupted, it feels more like violated, by the death of loved ones, by the unexpected death of friends. Yet, greater than all other thoughts of death is the disquieting intrusion of our own im

Session Summary May 2019

Your Session meet for nearly 4 hours on May 13th and three of the Women of Westminster also attended. Eric Eagle led a devotion on how Mary “kept all these things and pondered them in her heart.” We prayed for 7 families of the church. We discussed having a new website hosting service and updating our web site with a password protected site for members only - to include an online photo directory. We discussed the major issues before the General Assembly this year. Pastor Mark and Elder Dan will be attending. We cleaned up the membership rolls. Thirty six former members have grown and moved on or moved away or started new membership at other church. In two cases our members were promo

Session Summary April 2019

We welcomed our three new elders to our meeting and had Ed Payne lead another devotion on counseling from a Biblical foundation. We will encourage activities for the May 2 day of prayer. We revisited our membership list and will follow up on 5 families and erase many names that have not been with us for years. We will recruit a team to propose changes based on the vision meeting last March. They will meet in the summer and suggest changes for the fall to give our church more of an outward focus. We paused to pray for 15 families of the church. We met with the deacons to discuss how the congregation can assist them in their many ministries. We approved additional security cameras, bett

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