The Doctrine of Glory

I will never forget that evening. I can't think of a moment when I was more blown away by a musical composition. I don't recall the composer or the conductor, but I was at a performance played by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. My ticket put me in the first row and it was worth it. The music was powerful, foreboding, amazing, haunting, compelling, and glorious, all at the same time. There were moments when I wished this night would never end, and moments when I wanted to get up and run out of the concert hall. There were moments when the music caused my chest to rattle and moments when it lured me in with a whisper. There were moments when musical joy collided with musical fear in a beautifu

Team Shepherding

Thoughtful discipleship and compassionate shepherding are two indicators of a healthy and growing church. Discipleship is deepening and sharpening followers and servants of Jesus Christ. This kind of disciple-making/maturing happens in the preaching and teaching ministry of the church but also in the friendships, mentors and personal testimonies that we enjoy within the church fellowship. This can happen by teaching a class, sending a card, going to lunch, or praying for the needs of the church. We are all thoughtfully and intentionally to assist and encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ. We are beginning to establish one on one discipleship relationships and also expand small gr

Solve for "X"

I love math. It is easy. At least it was when there was only one variable. 6=3+x. Solve for x. One variable, one quick and easy solution. Easy. Then came the extra variable. 245 -y(5-w)=42/y-x. Solve for x. Suddenly Math became more difficult and confusing. Nearly every problem that you face in life is both as simple and as complex as “Solve for x.” Most problems have more than one contributing factor and more than one necessary solution. Complex issues require complex solutions. For instance, what caused the Florida school shooting? Guns? The failure of the FBI? Video game and movie violence? An absent father? The NRA? Grief? Mental illness? God being kicked out of the s

Session Summary August 2018

Dan lead us in a summary of Chapter 7 of “The Shepherd Leader.” “The church is called to serve God in three ways; in worship, in nurturing the saints, and witnessing to the world.” p.157 We prayed for several members of the church by name and asked God to give us the wisdom to lead his flock. The new library shelves and new visitors center in the foyer is in the works. Due to the generous donations the final product will be upgraded. Look for them before September arrives. Pastor Mark will plan an Outreach to Fort Gordon Brainstorming Session for later this month. We need those who work on base or are active in the military to give us their ministry ideas. Veritas Academy and a Classic

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