Summer Reflections

We are never more like our savior than when we serve one another in love. Our lives are not our own, we were bought with a price. (1 Corinthians 6:19-20; 7:22-23) We are to flee the bondage of selfishness and run to love God above all and our neighbor as ourselves. That conviction; that settled theology; that Spirit must be in us before we can live it out. We must know before we go. We must think before we serve. There is a zeal without knowledge that we must avoid. Why do I say all this? I went to General Assembly to serve but I wanted to be selfish. I wanted to read, dine out, play golf, listen to great preaching and I did all those things. But I was there to serve. Met a man whi

Session Summary June 2018

Roy Smith led our devotions about Jesus the Good Shepherd from John 10. Two women of the congregation attended and contributed well to the meeting. We prayed for several members of the congregation. A Comprehensive Shepherding proposal was discussed and we will have another meeting to assign the flock to the shepherds in July. We received the Eagle’s into membership. The new library shelves and the visitor booth in the narthex will be finished by the end of August. We talked about the Summer VBS and the June preaching schedule. Administration has enhanced our banking and will purchase revolving CD’s to increase the interest that we receive on our funds. We are exploring Amazon Smile,

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