Session Summary May 2018

Here are some highlights from our last session meeting. We decided to grant a ‘sabbath’ of sorts to our Sunday School teachers and Home Small Group leaders. Pastor Mark will lead an intergenerational Sunday School class from June into September. This will combine the Palmer, Finlay, Daugherty, and McReynolds, classes. We will study “The Life and Ministry of Jesus” and “The Mission of Jesus” by Ray VanderLaan in the That The World May Know series by Focus on the Family. The Home Small Groups will be taking June and July off. We are encouraging the groups to consider hosting a party or other forms of hospitality. There will also be no Children’s Church for July or August, and Pioneers wi

Culture: Love it, Leave it, or Leaven it?

Is culture a good thing, a bad thing, or a ministry opportunity? How should the Christian relate to the surrounding culture? Should we love it, leave it, or leaven it? Some say we should love it. We are redeemed and have our ticket to glory. We should enjoy culture while we live, but not try to change it for the better. We ought to deliver others from the darkness of the world and nothing more. Culture is viewed as evil or indifferent, and soon to be destroyed. This is the fundamentalist answer. Others say that God rules over all things but in different ways. In the Church, which is his kingdom, he rules by his Word and Spirit and in the culture, he rules by natural law. The Christian

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