Session Summary January 2018

We gathered as a session on Monday, January 8th. Pastor led a devotion on Shepherding from chapter one of “The Shepherd Leader,” by Timothy Witmer. We discussed the 3 men dominated and willing to serve as deacons and the 2 men ready to serve as elders. We will have a congregational meeting in March to vote on new officers. We prayed for several shepherding concerns in the church fellowship. We rejoiced together in the December giving of $59,679. The elders, deacons, and Administration Team will gather on February 5th to discuss our budget shortfall and what we can do to cut expenses for next year. Questions from the church about our worship service and visiting missionaries were addres

Fresh Snow

Winter in Michigan can be a long, cold, messy challenge. But one thing I miss about northern winters is the fresh, untouched snow just after sunrise. Why? It beautified everything. A shining, sparkling coating on every tree branch and a fresh coat of white purifying the ground. But mostly I liked the sense of opportunity that the recent, uncorrupted snowfall offered. The past is history. The way forward is fresh and promising. I would take my sled and head for the nearest hill, or later, the take my snowmobile out to lay some new tracks! New, fresh opportunity. That is was the New Year offers us as well. A new beginning. What will we as a church community do in the new year? What

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