Love Thy Body, A Sneak Peak

We live in a sound-bite society. A 30-second commercial exceeds our attention span unless it is cute, provocative, catchy or unusually funny. Many cannot sustain a thought longer than the time it takes to breathe. Our convictions are strong, they are popular, but they are typically backed by only a thin layer of thought. How can so many be wrong? I will go with the flow of the cultural consensus. As a new Christian, I read “The Christian Mind,” by Harry Blamires. It convinced me that Christians should think. Perhaps true Christianity begins as an admission of sin and an experience of the love and grace of God that we call conversion, but that is only the beginning. We are welcomed into a new

Session Summary December 2017

Our meeting began with a discuss of the introduction of “The Shepherd Leader - Achieving Effective Shepherding in Your Church,” by Timothy Witmer. An elder is far more an intimate friend, a mentoring confidante than a distant decision maker. We will offer to host the Savannah River Presbytery in April of 2018. Our new digital library is in need of donations and we will ask the congregation to do so. We discussed some difficult shepherding situations in the church. We also met with several women of the church to begin to better utilize their gifts in the church. We will resurrect the Women’s Ministry liaison to the session as well as encourage assistants to the deacons, both male and fe

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