Session Summary October 2017

Your session met from 5pm-8:30pm on October 23rd. We had two visitors. One discussed the possibility of putting new bookshelves in the fellowship hall and a visitors booth in the Narthex. We are looking into adding digital resources to our church library. Suggestions and donations welcome! Another visitor shared his mission work in Liberia that we are considering supporting. We approved the details of our Reformation Worship Service and our 5th Sunday Fellowship meal. Susan Wood will be sharing during our fellowship time. Our finances are significantly behind this year. We are about $32,000 below budget. We discussed and prayed for several shepherding concerns. We may host the April

The Gender Blender

I have always wanted to fly. I can imagine myself as a bird jumping off a tree and flying through the mountainous valleys. I sometimes dream of jumping off a cliff with my arms spread out like a bird. Then I wake up. But I am not a bird I don't have the physical characteristics of a bird nor the genetic makeup of an feathered creature. And if I persist in thinking of myself as a bird I could rightly be diagnosed with a mental illness. I am a human male. Yet I have often wondered what it would be like to carry a child in my womb. But I am not female I do not have the genetic characteristics or physical attributes of a female. And if I were to persist in thinking of myself as a female I cou

Hot Potatoes and the Forgotten Christian Worldview

I don't like to be told that there's broccoli in my teeth or that my slip is showing. (Not that I wear a slip, but you get my point!) How many people have heard the phrase, “Ahem, your worldview is showing." There is a growing chasm between actual Christian living and historic Christian doctrine, and the sizable gap is growing. Our inadequate worldview is showing. We typically argue about and shout over the hot potato issues of the day in merely sound bite fashion. We angrily state our position and explain why we hate others that disagree. We may give a reason or two for our thinking but we never truly interact with the opposition or even go very deeply into our own position. Why? Because

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