Session Summary November 2016

We transferred 3 memberships upon request. We scheduled the November 27th guest speaker, a missionary update for January 22 and a blood drive for January 29. We updated our Shepherd Watch-care list, approved a new vision statement ministry team structure for the church. Annual staff evaluations were discussed. A new security camera system will be installed soon. The Mullen and Scholten small groups will be combined. We will receive donations for a headstone for Carrie Lou Jones. Bryan McReynolds gave a brief report on our last Presbytery meeting. Mission and Vision Statement - Making and Maturing Disciples - God has called us to make, mature and equip disciples of Jesus Christ who worship an

Your Biggest Problem

"Jesus calls us to humbly admit that the biggest danger to each of us in not the sin that lurks outside us, bu the iniquity that still resides in our hearts. Once you admit this, you begin to get excited about God's grace in Jesus Christ. If your biggest problem lives outside of you, you don't really need grace, you just need situational or relational change. I understand why many people who call themselves Christians are not excited about grace. If you think your environment is your problem, you won't esteem grace, but one you admit that you're your biggest problem, you will celebrate the grace that rescues you from you." Paul David Tripp

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