Preparing for Battle

Ephesians 6:10-11 Did you ever wonder why the Christian life is so hard sometimes? It’s because we are involved in a spiritual struggle. Naturalists and Materialists say that, “Only matter matters,” and claim that there is nothing beyond the physical realm; but the Bible teaches that the spiritual realm is real. Jesus spoke about it and your own experiences (rightly understood) confirm it. Before the start of World War II, Winston Churchill tried to alert the British people to the imminent necessity of war, but no one wanted to listen or believe him. Neville Chamberlain, believing Hitler’s propaganda, assured the nation that they were not in danger. Churchill insisted that 1.) You cannot

Women's Bible Study

Westminster Presbyterian Church The Gospel of Matthew Part 1: To Fulfill What Was Said by the Prophets ​ Taught by Taylor Dunham Religion is a specific system of belief, usually based upon a god or supernatural power who rules the universe (or some aspect of it) who must be obeyed. It usually involves a philosophy and is expressed in some kind of sacred ritual and has a code of conduct. A culture forms around a people’s religion: Jewish culture, Islamic culture, Hindu culture, Christian culture, etc… There are many religions in the world, just as there are many cultures, and none of them will save you. That’s right, none—not Judaism, not Islam, not Buddhism or Hinduism, not tribal Pagani

Life? Without Christian Truth?

One way to highlight Christianity's attractive features … is to ask what you lose when you give it up. I first started to appreciate Christianity only after I had left it behind. As a young person growing up in a Christian home, I was like the proverbial fish that does not know what water is. Sometimes losing faith is the path to finding God. Around the time I turned 16, I started asking basic questions: how do we know if Christianity is true, are there any good reasons for holding it? None of the adults in my life seemed to have any answers. I once asked a university professor why he was a Christian. I hoped that such a highly educated person would offer a thoughtful response. But all he sa

Slave, Who is Your Master?

Ephesians 6:5-9 “You are gonna have to serve somebody.” We are all slaves to something or someone. Who or what is your master? Do you really know yourself? Are you still trying to find yourself? The gospel changes everything. Knowing and embracing your identity in Christ makes most of your decisions in Christ. Who are we according to the Bible in general? We are made in the image and likeness of God to know and delight in Him. In the Fall, we have lost our satisfying focus on God and now look no higher than ourselves. We study our empty selves for answers that are not there. Who are we, as Christians, according to Ephesians? Blood-bought children of God. Saved from ourselves and re

Fathers and God's Children

Ephesians 6:4 In this verse, God speaks to fathers. The task He gives them is to raise their children in such a way that they bring the child’s heart to the heart of God. Ultimately the children born to us are not our children. We are stewards of God’s children. A father’s task is to raise his children in such a way that they see the majesty and glory of God, experience God’s love, and learn to trust and follow Jesus for themselves. We have a short window of opportunity to raise our children. We must transmit living faith by example as well as instruction. You fathers have authority delegated to you by God to do this, but you do not have the power to guarantee the outcome. Only the Holy

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