Children, Obey Your Parents

Ephesians 6:1-3 Paul is in the middle of a section giving rules for the family of God—a family that is different from any other family on earth and that is always growing. In Roman society two thousand years ago, a man had absolute, life and death authority over his wife and children. Children had no rights. They were overlooked and many adults would not have considered them worthy of addressing; but God, through Paul, speaks to the children. Paul’s instruction to children is, “Obey your parents.” This means doing what you are told, bending your will in order to submit to theirs. It means continual obedience—the first time you are told, every time, immediately, in everything. Paul is af

Preparing for the Lord's Table

Q. 171. How do we prepare to receive the Lord’s supper? Preparation for the Lord’s supper involves careful examination: of the condition of our life in Christ; of our sins and failings; of whether we truly and to what degree know God, believe in him, and have repented, and of whether we love God and our fellow believers. We should have a charitable attitude toward everyone, including forgiveness of those who have wronged us. We must also assess how much we desire Christ and whether we are living in newness of obedience. Finally we must renew the practice of these graces in us by serious meditation and fervent prayer. How would you rate your walk with Christ, on a scale of 1 to 10? Where are

Christ Beautifies His Bride

Ephesians 5:23-33 We have been talking about marriage, but Paul says he is really talking about Christ and the Church. If we are to get Christian marriage right, there is an analogy behind it that we must first understand. Before anything existed, God the Trinity was a perfect family. God decided to create others who would bear His image to invite them to fellowship and commune with Him. The Father decreed the Fall and Redemption and the Covenant of Grace by which He would save a great multitude which no one can number. Jesus earned this salvation for us and the Holy Spirit applies it to us. Why did God tell the prophet Hosea to marry an adulterous woman? Because it was a picture of th

Biblical Husbanding

Ephesians 5:25-30 This direction for marriage in the new community of God’s people is directly preceded by the command to submit to one another out of reverence for Christ. Last week we talked about wives submitting, but we can’t adequately address that command without addressing the other side of the marriage equation. You might think that opposite the command to wives submitting (the other side of the equation) is for husbands to lead their wives, but it is actually for husbands to love their wives. Husband is a verb. It means to use or employ to good purpose, to cultivate so that the thing being cared for reaches its full potential. Men are to “husband” their wives. The husband shoul

What Does the Pastor Read?

We are blessed with multitudes of Christ-centered, God-glorifying, grace oozing and edifying books. So many books, so little time. One of the chief ways that God has chosen to sanctify me is by the reading of many books. Books - What have you done for me lately? I just finished “For a Continuing Church - The Roots of the Presbyterian Church in America,” by Sean Michael Lucas. I read this book in preparation of the upcoming General Assembly. It is a good overview of the Southern Presbyterian Church in the 20th century and the reasons for the formation of our Presbyterian Church in America. The PCA is a continuing Presbyterian Church. We formed around the following issues: the full and

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