The Resurrection of the Mind

Sunday, March 27, 2016 The Resurrection of the Mind Luke 24:36-49 “The Gospel message doesn’t end with the cross but with the resurrection.” What is the best method to motivate individuals for Kingdom work? Bribery, flattery, motivational literature or speakers and positive thinking only go so far. When things get difficult, this kind of external motivation will fail. In order to develop an active conviction that will motivate ministry, three things must happen. 1.) They must see it as important. People might be willing to do insignificant things as a job for money, but they will not serve as a volunteer unless they really believe in the cause. 2.) They must see it as right and good; i

Good and Angry

Ephesians 4:26-27 Grace enables us to handle righteous anger in a sinless way and to be righteously anger at our sinful anger. God wants us to see His glory and be transformed by it. Our personal sanctification is the public display of the glory of God. We act differently because we are different from the inside out. Grace has altered the DNA of our character. Not all anger is sin. Righteous anger is being angry with God’s anger. It is anger for His name’s sake. In our rare righteous anger we are to filter out our pride, malice, hatred, revenge and selfishness. Most of our anger is selfish anger over a personal offense or wounded pride. We think that all of our anger is justified. We

It’s Your Mind, and It Does Matter!  The Sacred - Secular Divide Must End

What a person accepts as ultimate premises … shape(s) everything that follows. If you press any set of ideas back far enough, eventually you reach some starting point. Something has to be taken as self-existent - the ultimate reality and source of everything else. There’s no reasons for it to exist; it just “is”. For the materialist, the ultimate reality is matter, and everything is reduced t material constituents. For the pantheist, the ultimate reality is a spiritual force or substratum, and the goal of meditation is to reconnect with that spiritual oneness. For the doctrinaire Darwinist, biology is ultimate, and everything, even religion and morality, is reduced to a product of Darw

Building Community by Speaking Truth

Ephesians 4:25 “We build godly community with bricks of truth.” Sanctification is God’s continued work in us and with us so that we begin to look and act more like Christ. Because we have been justified, we are being sanctified, and this process takes place in community. We don’t do Christianity alone. We love God by loving His children. Our growth in sanctification should be evident in the way we relate to one another in the church. We are called to live at peace and in unity with one another, reflecting the love that we have received from God in Christ. One of the ways we do this is by speaking truth. We live in a culture of lies, and this mindset is what we are called to put off. Pr

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