On Becoming a Grandfather

There are several mile markers that adorn the highway of life and I have passed too many of them already. I have passed by high school, college, marriage and kids. I even went to seminary and followed God’s call into ministry. A strange thing happened to me, though, while I was busy looking the other way: I became a grandfather. When I think of ‘grandfather’ I think of my grandpa. I can’t be that old nor that near the end of the race, can I? Life flies by when you are busy doing other things. Can any of you relate? “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Socrates is said to have uttered those words at his trial for corrupting the youth of Athens with his ideas. He choose death ov

Learning and Living Christ

Sunday, February 28, 2016 Learning and Living Christ Ephesians 4:20-24 Pastor Mark Scholten “We are who Christ says we are… Live accordingly!” What is the greatest single indicator of who you really are? Is it how you were parented, your level of education, what you say about yourself, who you aspire to be, or what you do? Actions speak louder than words; our priorities are revealed in what we do. But who we are is who God says we are in the Gospel. We are “glorious but inconsistent and contradictory people.” Our inconsistent actions reveal that there is a battle inside us between who we used to be and who God says we are. The Gospel is not only for unbelievers; we need the Gospel to co

Choosing not to Stumble in the Darkness

Sermon Summary Ephesians 4:17-19 “Sin has made fools of us all…Sin makes us stupid!” A sinful mind produces sinful results; “garbage in, garbage out.” Continuing to sin makes your heart hard. A hard heart makes you callous to the consequences of sin; you begin not to care who you hurt or even if the sin is hurting you. This callous indifference eventually leaves you as sin’s unsatisfied slave. In this passage, Paul gives an apostolic warning from the Lord to not return to worldly thinking. The Holy Spirit makes a difference in our thinking, which makes a difference in our walk. He tells us that we need to become who we are in Christ. We have the life of God within us, but there is a ba

How Can I Find My Spiritual Gift?

The Bible plainly tells us that every Christian is given a spiritual gift, some ability to serve the church. But it is just that teaching that leaves many in a quandary: What is my spiritual gift? This very practical question is a good one to consider. But sometimes it seems that the answers given only further complicate and confuse the issue. Some will say to look down the lists in Scripture in order to discover your gift. The problem with that answer is that the lists are not necessarily exhaustive; they are not complete, except in general categories. Some say to pray for a gift, but that cannot be right, for the gifts are sovereignly given, "as it pleased Him" (I Corinthians 12:18; see al

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