A Brief History of Westminster Presbyterian Church

On October 24, 1943 representatives of the First Presbyterian Church, Reid Memorial Presbyterian Church, and Green Street Presbyterian Church met at Reid Memorial for prayer and to formulate plans for starting an outpost work in Augusta.  After much prayer and discussion the new development beyond the city limits, known as Albion Acres, was selected.

The church, located at 2102 Roosevelt Drive, was first called Westminster Chapel.  The first service was held Sunday, November 7, 1943.  The Chapel was directed by the three churches until January, 1946.  It then came under the care of First Presbyterian Church.  Westminster Chapel was organized into Westminster Presbyterian Church January 4, 1950 by a duly appointed Presbytery Commission.  The Rev. Robert King became the first pastor on January 22, 1950.


On April 22, 1973, after prayerful consideration, the congregation of Westminster voted to disassociate itself from the Presbyterian Church in the United States (PCUS) and became affiliated with the continuing Presbyterian Movement, which later became the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), founded on the Scripture as the inerrant and inspired Word of God.  In the latter part of 1973, the congregation voted to relocate from Albion Acres.  On March 10, 1974 the present site was approved as the new location.  The last service at Roosevelt Drive was held on April 28, 1974.  During the remainder of 1974, services were held in the Woodmen of the World lodge, which was not far from its present site on Wheeler Road.  On January 5, 1975 the first service was held in the new church building.


As the congregation grew rapidly during the late ‘70’s and early ‘80’s, a larger nursery was needed, so a three-room addition was added for this purpose.  This is now the Youth Wing.  In October 1985 Westminster called its first Assistant Pastor, and in 1987 a second Sunday Morning Worship Service was added to alleviate the over-crowding in the sanctuary.  A Church Library, named for Mrs. Mary Gindlesperger, was opened March 4, 1990.
As the Lord continued to bless Westminster with new families, we then outgrew our Sunday School space.  On Sunday, May 1, 1994 a Children’s Wing and a multi-purpose building to be used as a fellowship hall and gymnasium were dedicated in honor of Mr. Norman Palmer, Jr. (long-time member, deacon, elder and teacher).  In April 1997 the original sanctuary was converted to classroom space, and services were moved to the fellowship hall / gymnasium.


On October 18, 1997 the converted classroom wing was dedicated in honor of James A. Carter, and the old fellowship hall and classroom wing was dedicated in honor of Rev. J. Archie Moore, Jr.  The congregation began construction in 2003 on a new sanctuary seating approximately 500 people. Worship in this beautiful  new sanctuary began in December, 2004 and was dedicated to the Glory of God in February 2005.


Our Affiliation with the PCA

We are members of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) because we want to be part of a denomination which believes in the inerrancy and infallibility of the Scriptures, is loyal to the Westminster Confession of Faith and the Catechisms, and remains devoted to the winning of people to Jesus Christ. We believe the PCA is committed to these same goals. We give God all the glory for what has transpired in Westminster Presbyterian Church– because only He can give the increase.